Advertising Agency: JWT, London, United Kingdom
Creative Directors: Russell Ramsey, Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Director: Christiano Neves
Copywriter: Christiano Neves

Ok. The top half of this ad is just fine with me. But the bottom half, come on JWT. If I happened to be using Kleenex brand tissues to wipe my tears, and came across this ad while flipping through a magazine, I would dump the box. There are three things that bother me: 1) It shows the broken-hearted girls future as sitting alone, eating by herself. Ok, have a little faith. 2) It later shows her as an elderly woman, on a park bench, by herself. Great encouragement for your sadder target market. 3) There are cats everywhere suggesting, not only will you eat alone, sit alone, but you also will have no friends. 
I think I'll use Puffs next time. 

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps JWT would have less problems if they just kept to the YES. The 'no' bit - has a lot of reality in it. But people just don't like to face the truth at times.

    I will still use Kleenex. Why not?