AGENCY: Modernista, Boston
CLIENT: Cadillac

Fashionista more like it. Kate Walsh looks stunning in this print ad and so does the car. The TV spot for this was equally compelling. Her fire red hair, lips and this fire engine red car are the perfect team. The woman is obviously the target market and if this campaign didn't work, I don't know what would.



Dear Grey,
I feel slightly violated. I understand the point of your print ad and appreciate you thinking of us women, but we can get the point without it being in our faces. I feel like I'm being molested on the street by fifty or so hands. 


Advertising Agency: JWT, London, United Kingdom
Creative Directors: Russell Ramsey, Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Director: Christiano Neves
Copywriter: Christiano Neves

Ok. The top half of this ad is just fine with me. But the bottom half, come on JWT. If I happened to be using Kleenex brand tissues to wipe my tears, and came across this ad while flipping through a magazine, I would dump the box. There are three things that bother me: 1) It shows the broken-hearted girls future as sitting alone, eating by herself. Ok, have a little faith. 2) It later shows her as an elderly woman, on a park bench, by herself. Great encouragement for your sadder target market. 3) There are cats everywhere suggesting, not only will you eat alone, sit alone, but you also will have no friends. 
I think I'll use Puffs next time. 

Y & R

Agency: Y&R, Milan, Italy

Very clever. Different than what I'm used to seeing for swimwear ads usually in print with the Sports Illustrated-like girl on the beach. I especially like how they barely even show the product, and use simply the man's fish-like quality to advertise its features. 

Ogilvy & Mather

I absolutely love, love this commercial. I think the copy is brilliant. The visuals are hilarious from the awkward school dance (I was the awkward tall girl back in the day), to the "sons that look just like him". It makes jokes that both genders can understand and laugh at. I think this is almost as brilliant as the ad by Ogilvy for the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which is by FAR my favorite work of all:



AGENCY: Dieste, Dallas
CLIENT: Gatorade

Wait, I have seen this before.
The slow motion players. The rooftop game. The ominous music. Oh wait, I'm just thinking of all the other sports ads. I feel that w+k has already perfected this style and it is too recognizable to Nike. It is a good ad but I don't think its original enough. I even wonder if some people casually watch it thinking the client really is Nike.



AGENCY: Mother, London
CLIENT: Coca-Cola

This ad stands out as well as blends with all of the other advertising for Coke. It speaks of its happiness, but this time it gives it an artistic spin. The creatures in it remind me of the ones in the W+K vending machine TV spot. Coke is a client with high standards but Mother fits its campaign to the brand's personality perfectly. 



AGENCY: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago

"Love Crocs, again!" says Cramer. I have never liked Crocs, but this ad, strangely gets to me. It reminds me of the SourPatch "Sweet then Sour" campaign, which I loved. Both give humanistic qualities to their products that just make you want to hug them back, a.k.a, buy them. Crocs definitely need a boost and if they are salvageable, I think Cramer can help. 

The Richards Group

AGENCY: Richards Group, Dallas
CLIENT: Quik Trip

Haha. This makes me proud to be from Dallas, Richards Group. This is a prime example of advertising not directly about its product. It definitely rewards. The switch from work setting to dream to work is very Scrubs-like of them, but it works. It's witty. The only problem I can see would be if women were offended, but I am a woman and I'm simply laughing.



There we go. A naked man in an Axe commercial. BBH knows Axe gets sexist. BBH made the Lynx commercial with the almost naked women sprinting after the one, all mighty man. So thank you BBH. You're giving back to us, the women. Great talent as well. The actor is just enough scrawny and just enough sexy to make it believe, yet humorous. 


AGENCY: Dentsu, Malaysia
CLIENT: Cannon

Cute. Simple. It's your everyday trusted camera. It won't let you down, by letting you drop it. I like this ad. Its very much "Think Small". There's not much to say about it but I think that was Dentsu's point.



AGENCY: McKinney, Raleigh

CLIENT: Golds Gym

I wish this little voice was in my head all the time. Personal trainer and print ad all in one...I like it. It shows the sweat (hey ads...don't try and fool us with your pretty size 0 runners on the treadmill anymore). It shows the pain. (whine-hole). But if you've ever had a personal trainer, it reminds you of them and the suprising inspiration they can invoke. I like.


Agency: Euro RSCG
Client: Chivas

What a beautiful take on this thing we called life. With climatic music, beautiful imagery of the good and bad and a developed idea, Euro RSCG take this liquor to the next level. It reminds me somewhat of "Morning in America" by Hal Riney & Associates, with its attention to the great leaps we make in life. It starts strong and ends strong. I really admire this work.


Agency: Arnold
Client: Jack Daniels

This ad reminds me somewhat of Leo Burnett's "Marlboro Man". It doesn't deny the intensity of the project. It relies on it. It tells you about it. It also plays on the popular imagery of the Warhol style. It blends many forms of pop culture suggesting Jack Daniels is also included into the category. 

Team One Advertising

Agency: Team One, Los Angelos
Client: Los Angelos Animal Service

I remember sitting in the vets office when I was about ten years old, and looking at this exact same poster. Almost. Team One plays on the probable familiarity this ad has and puts quite a funny twist on it. This ad will stop you, where ever you are and certainly gain your attention. It could be like the Sarah McLoughlin ads with kittens that look as if they're crying and shaking dogs (honestly I change the channel everytime so I don't think they even work), but it makes light of the situation and goes for a more 'creationist' perspective on things. 


Responsible Ads


1)CLIENT: Tulipan Condoms AGENCY: Y&R
This is undeniably funny. Children at too young of an age won't catch on through any blatant symbolism. The product is for adults and the ad is for adults not to mention its hilarious. 


2)CLIENT: DiscoverLaw.Org AGENCY: GMMB, Washington DC

I always wonder with so much funding and so many experts on policy, how man-made disasters still are able to happen. So does this agency. One of the best parts of advertising is that it can have such a huge impact on the way others think. This ad puts that to use.


3)CLIENT: League Against Cancer AGENCY: Y&R

So many things are constantly talked about to the point where no one hears them anymore. I feel that skin cancer prevention is also becoming this way. This ad puts it boldly, using symbolism that is easily understood. 



Ogilvy would be ashamed. This is the exact type of woman you see in the negative parts of their "self esteem fund" campaign.


2)CLIENT: Durex AGENCY: Grey

The symbolism isn't subtle. The grope-like hands aren't subtle. This whole ad isn't subtle and isn't good. What would a child ask if they saw it?


3)CLIENT: Viagra AGENCY: Taxi

Again. Where is the subtlety. If you're an adult or most likely if you're a young adult, you can get this. Too suggestive. Anyone could think of something like this.




AGENCY: Rethink
CLIENT: BCAA Insurance

"How Would they Get by Without You" reads the copy. How can you ignore this. This is probably the cutest ad I have ever seen, if anything. It's very creative and a good way to think about life insurance. It isn't depressing or ominous although its about death and shows a stranded child. So precious.



AGENCY: Doner, Detroit
CLIENT: Minute Maid

Very "Twix, need a moment" but I love it. I didn't predict the actual scenario so it was even funnier when I realized what it was. Doner was trying to reach their younger audience with this spot and I think it would be successful. Just the simple phrasing "boost" caught my attention. (We all need more sleep and energy in college. Surprising. I know.)