SuperBowl Ads

1) AGENCY: Deutsch CLIENT: Dr. Pepper
This ad is pathetic. It uses a midget, which I personally think is exploitative. It flashes the product qualities in your face. I get it, already.

2) AGENCY: Venable, Bell and Partners CLIENT: Audi
No, no, no. I never want to see this ad again and I certainly want to stop hearing that cult word "green". The 80's music is awful as well.


1)AGENCY: Cannonball, St. Louis CLIENT: Bud Light
I did not like this ad until the last scenes just because it seemed like simplistic boy humor. But I have to say, the "Do you like Little Women?" dialougue cracked me up.

2)AGENCY: Grey CLIENT: E Trade
Oh the babies are back, but I like this one. It sure caused lots of controversy over the supposed "Lindsay Lohan reference", but I think it was worth it.

3)AGENCY: DDB, Chicago CLIENT: Bud Light
I think this is a great use of Conan and a hilarious idea. It's a beer ad, yes, but it also applies to both men and women.


Campbell Mithun

Agency: Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis
Client: Syngenta

I think the "Tom and Jerry" imagery of this print ad is clever. Until reading the copy it is hard to tell what the ad is for but the copy perfectly incorporates the product. The product, NK-1 soybeans, is described in gourmet-like language. I don't know where this would have run, but the only problem I have with it is it looks a little like a proscription drug ad with the borders and the logo. Overall though I think it would be very difficult to blend a cat, a soybean and the reputation of a gourmet product in the same ad, but Campbell Mithun did it!


TM Advertising

I loved the website for TM. It's as inspirational as a web page can be and I think clients would be impressed with their message.
This TV spot might be my favorite so far. Its a clever play on life's quirks and has almost a "The Office"-like humor. It also is smart to use the "convention" setting since the target market includes business men that often fly.