Martin I Williams

AGENCY: Martin Williams
CLIENT: Payless

Well, I might like this ad just because it isn't Payless "BOGO" sale. Really, I have never had to see an ad so much that I hated so much, and I still can't remember what BOGO even means. However, I think this ad is gorgeous and much better than most discount shoe store spots out there. The colors, the talent, the music all blend perfectly. It takes you straight back to your favorite easter. The use of the jelly beans to show the price is very clever and much more appealing than the flashing numbers usually used.

Latin Works

AGENCY: Latinworks, Austin
I have probably shared this ad twenty times since watching it. I can't tell you why, exactly. Its strange. It has no apparent meaning. But I can't stop. I think this was the idea of it. It's just funny in the wierdest way.

GSD&M/Idea City

CLIENT: Yellowpages

Yellowpages is a hard thing to advertise. However, GSD&M succeeds. It isn't the greatest ad I have ever seen, but it does the job adding some humor into it. It's unrealistic and out there, but that's why it succeeds. It grabs your attention and transforms something you see in everyday life into something with a totally different purpose. This campaign could develop new ads easily as well.