CLIENT: Boost Mobile

Here are the talking animals again. BUT, they aren't the conventional furry characters you expect to see. This ad is a little eerie giving the animal of the ad a new spin. The funny thing about them is they have absolutely nothing to do with the product, but they still get the message across. I'm only worried that people may think this is the Trojan ad with the men as pigs.


AGENCY: Goodby
CLIENT: Clorox

Not only is this ad beautifully done, it is also very imaginatively creative. I remember being that age and every time I would get into the pool or the tub, I would magically "transform into a mermaid". It is geared towards adults, and it brings back that nostalgia of the adventurous kid in you. It makes you rekindle your sense of imagination.


art gallery for ads

This fantasy world created for Toyota Prius by Saatchi & Saathci Los Angelos is a vibrant piece of art. Here, the song "Let Your Love Flow" performed a capella by artist Petra Haden is such an incredible compliment to the pop of the fantastic "human flowers". Like a perfect piece of art, every aspect of this spot enhances the others. It puts me in an absolutely, untouchable happy mood.

This print ad for P&G/Tide by BBDO Guerrero is definitely in my definition of art. The firecracker burst of the miniature flowers into the larger ones affects both my sense of smell and sight. As a 20 year old female it makes me feel that using tide will enhance my clothing and appearance because of the boldness and energy the art exudes.

This tv spot by TWBA US for the Visa "Go" campaign is yet another colorful and magical use of art in advertising.
It takes a normal sea scape and transforms it into a psychedelic piece of art. The symmetry used for the sea horses
and their spouts of fire as well as the lavender ink is gorgeous. The synchronized dance of the neon jellyfish and the
curve of the rays also adds to the artistic merit. The Moody Blues song "Tuesday Afternoon" is ideal for the spot
and to top it off, I couldn't think of anyone better to do the voiceover than Morgan Freeman.



Beautiful. Colorful. Imaginative. This ad will captivate viewers. The calming music makes you focus on the visuals. The little girl is perfectly cast with her messy hair and wide eyes. The message "Visa is the enabler" fits the client wonderfully, as well as the other "Go" ads for Visa. It looks very professional and very well done. 


CLIENT: Snickers

If you have ever seen "Indian in the Cupboard", this reminds me just of it. As a child I just to put my smaller toys in a cabinet and peek through the keyhole at night because I was sure they had come to life. I was very bored as an only child, however, I'm sure other children who watched the movie did it too. This is what I imagine is the "grown-up" version. It's very clever to use the walk/don't walk signs because we see them everyday of our lives. We constantly walk or drive by them without a second glance unless we're using them to cross the street. BBDO transforms them into these funny little creatures who come alive. There's really nothing else like it on TV and to think, it's all for a Snickers bar. Much better than the 'hungrylicuousness' business.