Secret Weapon

AGENCY: Secret Weapon
CLIENT: Jack in the Box

Secret Weapons mission to only take three clients at once sure paid off with the Jack in the Box campaign. They continuously make fun of the outdated logo which keeps getting more entertaining as the spots debut. The cone hat happens to be getting the blunt of it in this ad. There are so many fast food commercials, but Secret Weapon does a great job of making sure Jack in the Box is always sticking out. 


AGENCY: 22Squared, Atlanta
CLIENT: Publix Supermarket

Well, bless my heart, we say in the south. This ad is truly touching. Although it is predictable, this makes the ad more fulfilling by watching the scene unfold. The subtle look the boy gives in the end is more enjoyable than a tag line. Compared to many out-there ads made today, this is just as creative and just as enjoyable to watch. 

72 and sunny

AGENCY: 72 and Sunny
CLIENT: Nike plus

"I love you but I will crush you". Anything you can do I can do better, anyone? I love this outdoor ad. I think its attention getting not only with the color but certainly with the copy. The copy for the man's side "You're cute when you're losing", is just as flirty and captivating as the womens. I think this both works and rewards. No matter who wins, Nikeplus sure does. 

Ground Zero

AGENCY: Ground Zero
CLIENT: Pinky Vodka

It's Absolut all over again. Ground Zero found that 55% of vodka drinkers are women...so what did they do? Change the bottle to speak to this demographic. As a woman I certainly would buy this, honestly specifically for the bottle. It's edgy but pink. A woman's perfect night out on the town.


AGENCY: Droga5
CLIENT: Rhapsody

I remember seeing this ad and being impressed. It was clever to use a popular song because it automatic gets the attention of the viewer. It can't be ignored like a normal voiceover. Its sexy and sultry and shows the good life. The use of the music also hits home with the product since it is representing Rhapsody. 

Wieden + Kennedy

AGENCY: Wieden + Kennedy, USA
CLIENT: Nike + iPod

Wieden, you have done it again. This is genius. This works. This rewards. This does it all for me. I love that its a woman as well because it makes it more compelling. Bank robbers are always men, right? Wrong. This makes me want to go buy a pair of Nikes, on the way an iPod and sprint through downtown Dallas. (p.s. I hate running) Perfection.

Kishenbaum Bond

AGECNY: Kirshenbaum Bond
CLIENT: Wendys

I have to say, at first, I was not impressed. However, as the ad went on, it grew on me. It makes fun of the cosmopolitan coffee snobs. Wendy's is making fun of themselves too. They know they aren't Starbucks, so they put these characters in here to make fun of the whole idea of coffee snobbery.